Pigeon Coup [Unity, C#]

This 3D, narrative-driven game is my senior capstone project. The work spans two semesters (fall 2018, which is completed, and spring 2019). I am the producer as well as a designer and programmer, and I am also responsible for many of the 3D assets as we do not have a dedicated 3D artist. The game’s […]

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Lead the Light (MassDiGI game)

Lead the Light is a free-to-play mobile game that I developed on a team of six as a MassDiGI intern. I was the associate producer, lead designer, and a programmer on the game. My responsibilities included: designing and implementing new levels for the game (clusters of obstacles the player must learn how to knock away) […]

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TinyEngine [C++, SDL, Python]

Project Website Worked in a group of three developers to write rendering and math logic in C++ and SDL2 and cleanly wrap it for use in Python game scripting Split into two headers, TinyEngine and TinyMath for rendering music, text and images, and vector math. My responsibilities on the project included implementing SDL2 rendering functionality […]

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Burgerfest [Unity, C#]

[Github Repository] This game was the final group project I presented with two other students for CS 3540 Game Development. Our project drew inspiration from the hectic gameplay of Surgeon Simulator, with thematic inspiration from games like Overcooked and Papa’s Burgeria. In the game, players try to make burger orders that appear onscreen with intentionally clumsy hand […]

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MIDI Music Player [Java, Swing]

[GitHub Repository] This was the final project for CS 3500: Object Oriented Design. The program follows the model-view-controller design pattern and is written in Java by myself and a classmate. The program reads notes from a text file and either prints a text version to the console (“console” view), displays a GUI in a popup […]

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